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Cuyahoga River Bridge No. 1

The timeline of structures at this location reflects our best information to date and is NOT guaranteed to be complete.

Structure #1

Bridge Type:Swing
Years Existed:?
Background Information: This bridge was originally a swing bridge with a pivot pier in the middle of the Cuyahoga. This bridge was replace by a Vertical Lift bridge. Cleveland's Historic Bridges: Architectural and Engineering Masterpieces.

Structure #2

Iron Curtain Bridge Type:Vertical Lift
Years Existed:1956-Present
Background Information:     Also known as "The Iron Curtain", Bridge No.1 was a replacement for the original swing bridge. The original swing bridge had to be replaced because of an agressive $13 million project, launched by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1946, to widen the river channel. This vertical lift bridge is 267 feet long, cost $4 million, and was designed by Howard Needles Tammen and Bergendoff. When the bridge is in open position, it has a 97-foot vertical clearance. When the bridge is in closed position, only very small vessels can pass.(Cleveland's Historic Bridges: Architectuaral and Engineering Masterpieces, National Trust for Historic Preservation.