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Center Rd - Eagle Rd. Bridge

The timeline of structures at this location reflects our best information to date and is NOT guaranteed to be complete.

Structure #1

Eagle Avenue Viaduct Bridge Type:Vertical Lift Bridge
Years Existed:1931-2005
Background Information: The Eagle Avenue Viaduct was Cleveland's first vertical lift bridge and it was the sixth vertical lift bridge in the United States. The vertical lift portion of the viaduct is 225 feet in length and is 52 feet wide. The total length of the viaduct is 1,998.2 feet and was designed by F. L. Gorman and W. H. Suloff. G. Brooks Earnest was a project engineer. The viaduct was to carry traffic out of the Flats area, over railroad tracks, and out of the valley. The bridge was remodeled with new controls for the electronics, but kept the original motors. Source: Cleveland: An Inventory of Historic Engineering and Industrial Sites and Bridges of Metropolitan Cleveland