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Inner Belt Freeway Bridge

The timeline of structures at this location reflects our best information to date and is NOT guaranteed to be complete.

Structure #1

Bridge Type:Viaduct
Years Existed:1959-Present
Background Information: The Inner Belt Bridge was opened on August 15, 1959. There were several delays in the opening of this bridge since the closing of the Central Viaduct. Delays included World War II and planning based on Cleveland's traffic forecast. Howard, Needles, Tammen, and Bergendoff engineers were the consulting engineers. The Inner Belt Bridge is the widest bridge in Ohio and the construction of the main superstructure cost $8,132,200. The bridge itself was designed to handle 95,000 vehicles per day. There are three-foot safety walks on both sides of the bridge for emergency use. The bridge is 4,223 feet long and is 116 and 1/4 feet wide. The bridge has four traffic lanes in each direction. There are seven truss spans that have lengths that vary from 226 1/2 feet to 400 feet. Source: Bridges of Metropolitan Cleveland.