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Brooklyn-Brighton Viaduct

The timeline of structures at this location reflects our best information to date and is NOT guaranteed to be complete.

Structure #1

Bridge Type:Wood
Years Existed:1887-?
Background Information:

Structure #2

Bridge Type:Steel Viaduct
Years Existed:1894-1916
Background Information: The second Brooklyn-Brighton Bridge was a steel viaduct built in 1894. This bridge was made up of alternating trestle spans of 28 feet and 56 feet. According to Watson in "Bridges of Metropolitan Cleveland," "...the central arch-span was its magnificent feature: a parabola in outline and an open-web, three-hinged arch of 168-foot span.Trusses were 26 feet apart on centers. The center line of the lower chord was a parabola, but the upper panel points were in three straight lines. The viaduct was 1,540 feet long, 31 feet wide, and 73 feet above water. Though not so large, it resembled Eiffel's Famous Garabit Viaduct. Engineers were the Osborn Engineering Company. This bridge was torn down in 1916." Source: Bridges of Metropolitan Cleveland

Structure #3

Bridge Type:multiple-span, reinforced-concrete
Years Existed:1916-1987
Background Information: The third Brooklyn-Brighton Bridge was a multi-span, reinforced concrete bridge. The bridge was made up of eighteen arches. The bridge was 2,365 feet in length and was 76 feet wide. The Osborn Engineering Company was the consultant for the county. Source: Bridges of Metropolitan Cleveland.

Structure #4

Bridge Type:Continuous Girder
Years Existed:1986-Present
Background Information: