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Main Street Bridge (Painesville, Ohio)

The timeline of structures at this location reflects our best information to date and is NOT guaranteed to be complete.

Structure #1

Bridge Type:Covered Bridge
Years Existed:1866? - 1896
Background Information: The Main Street Covered Bridge of 1866 spanned across Grand River in Painesville, Ohio before it was replaced with a massive, steel truss bridge in 1896 built by the King Bridge Co. Shows the side of the bridge from the river bank as well as a dam. (from photo description)

Structure #2

Bridge Type:Steel Truss
Years Existed:1896 - 1984?
Background Information: A significant aspect of the Main Street Bridge is not so much the material but the size of the Pennsylvania style pin connected through-truss. The bridge is a single span, 350 feet in length. The height of the bridge's structure is 55 feet. (from photo description)

Structure #3

Bridge Type:
Years Existed:1984? - Present?
Background Information: