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Historic Landmarks of Northeast Ohio

Harvard-Denison Bridge

Bridge Information

Historical Information

Bridge Type: Steel Truss

Years Existed: 1910-1970

Background Information:
The first Harvard-Denison Bridge cost $527,000 to build and extended 2,781 feet between abutments or 3,233ft from end to end. It was 56ft. wide and consisted of a 40 foot roadway, two 8 foot sidewalks, and two streetcar tracks. It consisted of 22 steel deck truss spans. It used 17,000 cubic yards of concrete, 6,320 tons of structural steel, and 350 tons of steel reinforcement. In 1970, the bridge was torn down because acid fumes from top secret uranium processing during World War II caused irreversible damage. Sources: Bridges of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County and Bridges of Metropolitan Cleveland